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The Importance of Play

Updated: Aug 24, 2022

My child says that all she ever does in school is play. When will you start teaching her what she needs to know in kindergarten?

A question many parents ask when they have a preschooler in childcare is ‘How do they spend their day?’ ‘Are they getting enough preparation to be successful in Kindergarten?”. It is important for programs to support children’s academic growth and ensure their school readiness but those aren’t the only skills a child needs to develop before beginning their school career. Many parents have a vision of this education taking place at tables or desks, with workbooks and dittos and notes on the board but for preschoolers, this education happens best through play. Children at three to five years old are not built to sit in a seat and pay attention as some teacher drones on about the letter of the week or counts to 20 for the third time that day. Circle time is a fun portion of the day filled with songs and stories and can lead to great discussion time, but it still isn’t the foundation of where your child will light their spark for learning. Playtime is where the fire begins.

During play children are building confidence, developing social, language and communication skills and expanding small and gross motor abilities. These are the true foundations for a successful academic future. Play in combination with adult assistance can lead to teachable moments that will have a lasting impact on a child. When a teacher can identify a child's interest and offer knowledge on the topic, that is when a connection is built between fun and learning.




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